Smartkarma Compliance

Robust Policies and Innovative Measures
Compliance FAQs

Compliance is Key

Delivering a compliant solution that meets our Users’ needs is key to everything we do. We achieve this through implementing comprehensive policies and processes and by employing innovative proprietary tools.


Stringent Professional Verification

To be accepted as an Insight Provider on Smartkarma, a formal and structured application process is followed requiring verification of work/industry experience and writing quality.

All Insight Providers are required to accept comprehensive user agreements containing key legal obligations and provisions regarding compliant conduct and content.


Customisable Account Settings

Clients and Insight Provider can customise their usage and privacy settings to ensure they can use the platform in a manner compliant with any internal requirements or restrictions. For example, Insight Providers may add or customise content disclaimers and Clients may use account settings to filter content appropriate to any regulatory requirements.


Integrate Your Own Compliance Officer

Smartkarma has developed a proprietary compliance interface to allow Clients and Insight Providers to appoint their own internal compliance officer. This interface allows compliance officers to audit and view the activities of their users of the platform, resulting in a streamlined integration of Smartkarma into existing policies and procedures.


Fully Trackable Account Activity

Smartkarma offers Clients, Insight Providers and User administrators detailed audit and usage data through technology-driven activity logs, proprietary compliance tools and customisable reporting.


Proactive Quality Control

Smartkarma conducts periodic spot checks on content. In addition, Insight Providers can elect to use the collaborative “Peer Review” process whereby content undergoes a 24-hour period of review and comment before publication and distribution to Clients. This enhances quality of content and mitigates the risk of MNPI.


Regular Compliance and Usage Tips

Smartkarma posts regular and relevant compliance and usage “tips” in the form of pop-up reminders to all users on the platform to enhance the overall user-experience and endorse a compliance culture.

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